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Visit the city Torri del Benaco

Torri del Benaco, medieval appearance and Venetian features. Tourist information about apartments, camping and hotels for your holidays to lake Garda.

The smaller villages Albisano, Pai and Crero belong to Torri too and altogether this area counts about 2’700 inhabitants.
The well preserved caveman paintings on top of the hills above Torri bear witness of the prehistoric settlement of the town.
The town’s name derives from the Roman Empire when it was called “Castrum turrium” meaning “Towerfortress”.
Under the Langobards Torri was part of the Garda Vicarship that was visited by the Italian King Berengar who issued six laws in 905 A.C. that are still visible on the walls in the piazza.
Between the 9th and the 10th century the castle and the city wall were rebuilt and it’s a pity that very little is left of it, since the city was destroyed but not reconstructed. In those times the city also housed the Council of the Benacensi with exponents of every village of the region and under the management of the “Captain” that lived in Torri.
After this Torri became a “Free Community” that, in contrast to other towns around the lake, wasn’t oppressed by the dominion of Friedrich I Barbarossa. In succession, the town was under the leadership of the Scaligeri, the Republic of Venice, the Visconti from Milan and then the Venetians again.
The “Gardesana dell’Acqua”, a waterway that was created by ten communities and whose “headquarters” Torre was, outlived three hundred years from 1500 until 1800.
Torri del Benaco was then reigned by Napoleon Bonaparte and the Austro-Hungarians and was then integrated in the new Kingdom of Italy created in 1861.